The Nuwaubic Trinity

Upon joining the Ancient Egiptian Order The A'aferti (Pharaoh) Atum-Re also known as The Amun Nubi Ra Ahnk Ptah who is the Supreme Grand Master and Grand Hierophant of this Ancient Order commissions each member a new name.  More liken to a rebirth and reassessment of who you are in konnection with this Ancient Wathu (Science) of TA MA RE (Earth, Water, Sun).  With each name comes a sacred meaning and all Nuwaubic names are threefold.  Ex: Afnuit Neheh Ka (The Binder Spirit of Eternity).  A threefold name.  This is actually a common occurrence in today's western society.  American Names are threefold as well..  But why?


This Trinity most likely comes from the Tamarean concepts of Atum Re, Atun-Re, and Amun-ReAtum is equaled to "The Beginning" or "The Ascension", Atun is equaled to "The Apogee", or "Height" and Amun is equaled to "The Descent" or "End".  There are many instances of Threefold Trinity based names in the Bible that in reality are Tamarean in origin.  Lets look at the three biblical names of Gabriel, Michael, and Abraham:


Gabriel Michael Abraham
GEB = The Earth MA = Water AB = Heart
RA = Sun KA = Spirit RA = Sun
El = Source El = Source HAM = Darkness or Great
(Messenger of El) (Who is like to God) (The Heart of Greatness)

As you see, these names are Tamarean in origin!  Now, let's examine The Yvsvh Karast (Jesus Christ) konnection to Tama-Re and Haru (Horus). 


Aset (Isis) and her sister Nephthys resurrected Asaru's (Osiris) body, which Sutukh (Set), the brother of Asaru chopped into pieces and threw in the Nel (Nile).  With the help of the deity Anubu (Anubis) the Goddess Aset resurrected Asaru and gave birth to HaruAsar resurrection changed his dimensional energy and He was confined to the netherworld (World of Spirits or "Ka").  Haru grew to be a mighty warrior and eventually defeated his Uncle Sutukh.  So we have The Holy Father, The Holy Mother, The Holy Son and Holy Ghost , which are Asaru, Auset, Heru (Haru), and Ka (Spirit), in addition we have the victorious Messah (Messiah) Haru


Now, let's examine the name "Haru".  The root of the word is Har meaning "High" or "Far away".  From the Greek extension of Haru (Horus) you will discover words like "horoscope" and "horizon". Haru is represented as having the head of a Hawk.  Har was the original name of Tama-Re.


The worship of Asaru gradually spread throughout the Mediterranean world with that of Auset and Haru, and was especially vital during the time of the Roman Empire, which eventually adopted Christism, and the establishment of the Council of Necia (The Vatican).


Other Nuwaubic based Trinity concepts are:

1.The three Suns of the 19th Galaxy Illyuwn: Apsu, Shamash, and Utu
2. The three Mirs of A'aferti Khufu and his Sons that mirror the constellation Orion.

3. The Deity Khumn who models life forms from the Ka ( Spirit or Ether), Ba ( Body), and the Ankh  


Sumerian Trinity Concepts:

1. The Annunaqi who divided the universe as such: Anu rules the Heavens, Enlil rules the skies, Enqi rules the land.


For Biblical Trinity based concepts we have:

1 John 5
7   For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.

The final Nuwaubic Trinity in this course of study is that of Yashoua (Jesus):


YA = God (Oh)
SHU =To Risel
WAH = To Be
(Oh He Who Rose)


Hotep Wa Barakaat
(Peace and Blessings)
Nuwaubian Hotep (The Divine Soul of Peace)
(Eheyah Asher Eheyah, Aneya Dek Aneya)
(I Am That I Am, I Will Be What I Will Be)