Ezekiel 8:14   "Then he brought me to the door of the gate of the
LORD's house which was toward the north; and, behold, there sat women
weeping for Tammuz."
Who is Tammuz?

1st the encyclopedic reference:
Hebrew tammz; akin to Iraqi Arabic tabbz, July, both ultimately from
Sumerian dumu-zi, Dumuzi, a dying and rising shepherd god : dumu,
son, offspring + zi, true, effective.

And now from the Holy Tablets: El Istakhlaag (The Creation)
Chapter ONE 1:50-58

50: ANU appointed one of the Yahwehans called Tammuz, son of Ishtar
or Innana, Daughter of Nannar Sin, also called Isis or Aset, also
called Astarte, Ashtaroth, the Phrygian Cybele also Sybil and Kali.

51: This Tammuz was also called in tone 'Horus, Thehoh, Yashu'a, Isa,
Jesus, Kristos,' a son of Dammuzi, who is called 'Osiris, Usir,
Dionyushadest,' an Eli and the Abba of Tammuz or Obata'lah, the
Heavenly Father, son of the Heavenly One ANU.

52: Thus, it is said of this Tammuz:
"then the Enosites began to call upon the name of the Yahweh".

53: If you say, 'you have faith by way of him,' who
is your caretaker, ANU, who appointed Yashu'a, Ha Mashiakh, called
Isa, Jesus and Tammuz;

54: Then I ask you, 'why do you not trust in him?' For it is ANU,
also called El that is trustworthy.

55: If you say, 'you love him, why do you not strive towards him?'

56: And if you say, 'you are sensible', then why do you not tremble
at the mention of ANU?

57: Surely, it is ANU that has been appointed to be your caretaker,
and has appointed the anointed one, a Yahuwa called Tammuz.  From
which the door at the gate of Yahuwah the woman of that house wept
for Tammuz.  This is merely one the of the many houses of Yahuwa. 
This is recorded in the scripture of Ezekiel, 8th degree, the 14th

58: This appointment of ANU was done by THE ALL, within ALL, for as
ANU became who he is, it had to be in accordance with the will of
all, and the appointment of an anointer was done by ANU; both being
Yahwehans in THE ALL.

So, we see the Sumerian reference to the Sumerian/Babylonian
named 'Tammuz' from within the Torah, and there are no biblical
references in any of the Sumner tablets what-so-ever!  I'd say this is
more than enough proof of which came 1st. 

ZIG-ZAG-ZIG  (Wake Up!)